Hello and welcome to our site! My name is Jessa. I am the owner of Poppy and the Rose. I am excited to share some of my best “gently loved” finds. I hope that you will enjoy these items that I have personally picked. The name of our shop is inspired by my cat poppy who is always by my side when I am working.

As many owners can attest we are loyal to our kitties. Poppy is very lovely and constantly reminds me of the lifestyle I enjoy having (unique, serendipitous, interesting). I hope you enjoy our collection. To follow the adventures of Poppy feel free to click on the Instagram link under the "where to buy section".

Poppy and the Rose LLC

Gently loved items curated for your lifestyle

Gently loved ˈ/jentlē. lʌvd/ : An item/items that are in good condition, or well taken care of, and are in need of a new home to meet its’ true potential

Poppy and the Rose is an intentional resale online shop that hand selects unique pieces to highlight your lifestyle. We have all heard the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle, and perhaps we have thought about small ways we can contribute to a larger impact. We may not be perfect but we can try. At Poppy and the Rose we strive to find fun, unique, and interesting quality items that will compliment your style and your home.

We are currently utilizing Ebay as a platform but hope to expand our collection and reach soon. Items range from new/ never used, loved in great condition, loved in good condition, and loved in fair condition, and all for a feel good price. We are happy to answer questions on any items you may have interest in. We hope you will find something to treat yourself, or perhaps something lovely to gift a friend.

*Special thanks to my good friend Jan for the artwork on our site. Find more of her work ⬇ ⬇